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Nikkee is the Romance Author of the Teen Witch series of Books titled New Hope CovenTM

You can read Nikkee's Blog and order her books at New Hope CovenTM

New Hope CovenTM is a series of books about the Sollog family of beautiful witches that live in modern day New Hope Pennsylvania.

The Sollog Females are CURSED, every man that falls in love with them, dies shortly after they become lovers with a Sollog Female.

This series starts off in modern day times and the central character is Gabriella Sollog a teen witch that is almost 16. She is going through her AWAKENING which is the title of the initial books of the series.

Later titles trace the various Sollog females in recent times, from Post World War II through the 1960's and the 1980's as well as the 1990's.

Later in the series, the cursed Sollog females will appear throughout books that are historical in nature, from Ancient Sumer, to Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome as well as other periods in history, the Sollog family of witches have been there.